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Who Needs Visa to Cuba?

Select your country and check whether you need a tourist visa card or not in order to enter Cuba for your holidays. Mostly all citizens of any countries needs a Tourist Visa Card. If visas are required, you can order them with us by filling the online form on our home page.

Travelling from US, Puerto Rico or US Virgin Islands to Cuba?

If you are travelling from United States of AmericaUnited States of America, Puerto RicoPuerto Rico or US Virgin IslandsUS Virgin Islands to Cuba via any means of transport (air or water), please note that tourist visa card that we issue (a.k.a. Green Tourist Card) is not valid for these countries. You need another visa type (a.k.a. Pink Tourist Card), regardless of what passport you hold. You should check the details with your tour operator, travel agency or airline

List of Countries we can't sell tourist visa card to

The Tourist Visa Card that we sell is not valid for the passport holders of the following countries.